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contemporary hardwood dining table on hardwood floor with tapered legs against a white wall


Ben was commissioned to build this dining table for a new house using sustainably sourced hardwood timber. The Blackbutt legs are splayed and tapered to create a light and contemporary feel. 

Contemporary hardwood dining table in a workshop against a white sheet viewed from below
caftsman installing handforged sign onto larde solid wood barn door


Wedding venue, Montvale at Montville, commissioned Ben to create a statement door mount featuring the iconic cursive letter 'M' from their logo. 

The door was made from solid Oregon timber salvaged from an old school house in country New South Wales. Constructed with pinned mortise and tenon joints, the wood was then charred for a more rustic look and finished with a hard wax oil. The handles are made from reclaimed road pick heads.


The 'M' logo was forged from several strips of mild steel and welded together at the seams. It was then mounted proudly on the majestic barn-style door; the entrance to Montvale's  breathtaking new event space, "The Glass House."

solid wood door with forged pick door handle
long spotted gum wooden record console with potplant on carpet in a white room
long spotted gum wooden record media unit in a workshop


Crafted from pre-laminated spotted gum panels with a feature spotted gum slab on top for a record player to be placed on. 

This setting was commissioned by a lover of music with a large LP collection. The carcass is screwed and glued together for economy and has a masonite backing.


hardwood record media unit with spotted gum slab in a workshop


The shelves were made from Merbau paneling. The bench was created from a slab of Brushbox the client had milled when the tree came down on their property. Finished in hard wax oil.

large built in wooden sheves with hardwood live edge slab
side view of solid wood shelving with a hardwood slab
live edge blue bum slab table with chair and bowtie key


The top was made using a single slab of locally sourced Blue Gum. The cracks were filled with black epoxy and finished off with a butterfly key inlay to keep the cracks from opening. The top was finished in a natural hard wax oil.


The legs were welded together from box section steel and painted in a matte black epoxy enamel.

end of a large live edge glue gum slab with butterfly key and black hoop legs


this queen sized bed was made using sustainable Blackbutt timber for the frame and recycled hardwood floorboards were used for the slats.

Finished in a natural hardwax oil, this frame can be taken apart for travel.

low blackbutt flatform bedframe with futon matress and linen sheets
close up of rustic forged steel bottle openers on an anvil with BA logo


Homewares, cabinet hardware, tools, and lettering, from simple pieces to more elaborate designs.

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