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Ben Adams Furniture Studio is proud to announce the launch of its latest creation— the FRANK side table, a stunning handmade piece of modern furniture, set to start production in early August 2024. Crafted from sustainably sourced feature grade Tasmanian Oak, this new side table combines elegance, functionality, and environmental responsibility.


Named FRANK after Frank Lloyd Wright the designer of the Fallingwater house which inspired its cascading form. The FRANK side table comes in both a right or left configuration, mirroring each other to create a symmetrical effect on either side of a couch or bed. The large radius curves on the corners create a visual softness as well as a natural unobtrusiveness as you walk by the piece.


This side table is designed with both aesthetics and practicality in mind. The table features brass dovetailed inlays that, when slid into place, cleverly conceal the screws that hold it together, enhancing its sleek, modern look. The top surface sits at 500mm high, while the shelf is positioned at 300mm high, making it an ideal piece for a variety of uses, from a bedside table to a living room accent.

FRANK is available for pre order right now, so you can secure a spot on our waitlist.

Product Dimensions:

  • Total Height: 600mm

  • Width: 500mm

  • Depth: 290mm

  • Top Surface Height: 500mm

  • Shelf Height: 300mm

  • Weight: 7.8kg

Every FRANK side table is made by hand at Ben Adams Furniture Studio, where we believe every handmade object tells a unique story, communicating its own history and unique details imparted by the maker and materials. That’s why the things we make are well designed and thoughtfully made with love and attention to detail so you wont ever want to throw them out.








PRICE: FRANK side table (left): $650.00

             FRANK side table (right): $650.00

             SET of both (right and left) FRANK side tables: $1200.00




The table is designed to be packed flat weighing 8kg and shipped anywhere in the world. The assembly process is straightforward, requiring just 12 screws and two brass inlays, which can be easily assembled using a Phillips head screwdriver.



When you pre order, you pay a non-refundable $100 (per table) deposit that secures the side table(s) to be made and shipped by the end of August 2024. The $100 pre order payment will be deducted from the total purchase. In August 2024 You will receive an email requesting confirmation of the order with an attached invoice for the remaining payment, including associated shipping costs. Once the remainder of the total payment, including shipping costs, is payed Your order will be shipped to your designated shipping address.

Contact for any further questions.

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PRE ORDER your own FRANK side table.

Secure your order with a $100 deposit

To be shipped by the end of August 2024


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